The origin of the MultiFast series is to provide a durable, stable, multi-purpose platform that can operate at speeds varying from 17 to 23 knots. By utilising the companies proven offshore hull form and experience, the MultiFast designs can operate in rough seas whilst carrying a variety of cargo's. 
The MultiFast range is ideally suited to compliment a fleet of conventional steel MultiCat type vessels. It will give a fleet diversity and flexibility, and provide its owners with a multi-purpose vessel suited to a number of operations including cargo supply, towing, survey, fish farming, dredging, and high-speed oil response. 
Standard features include a flybridge control station, resiliently mounted deckhouse for reduced noise & vibration, towing post, large crane lifting capacities, cargo protective rails, removable fuel & cargo tanks, and durable structural design. 
Each design within the range has unique characteristics and payload capacities. The flagship of the range is the MultiFast 16 which has the highest payload capacity of 12t deck cargo and 8,000 litres of liquid cargo, ideally suited for cargo delivery. 
Please explore the unique features of these unique designs, and also see the design range to find your ideally suited MultiFast. 
Proven Offshore Hull
Utilising a proven offshore hull form, it gives the vessel a stable, seaworthy platform. 
Deck Space
Each design has huge deck space for a multitude of operations including cargo, containers, fish farming equipment, oil spill recovery, and IBC's. 
Resilient Deckhouse
To minimise noise and vibrations, the deckhouse is resiliently mounted to the deck. This technology is proven through the StormCat series and increases crew safety and comfort. The deckhouses also include a flybridge for maximum vision. 
Durable Design
The range has been designed to make the structure durable and hard wearing. Details include increased plate & stiffener details, 4t/m2 deck strength, protective bulwark rail, protective cargo rails, and grounding skeg. 
Crane Capacity
Using the stable hull form, the range features large crane capacities. 
Boasting large deck & liquid cargo capacities, the MultiFast series combine a durable structure, high carrying capacity, and high-speed to create a unique, highly flexible vessel. 
MultiFast 16 Render 4 (Issue B).jpg
MultiFast 16
Hull Length:
Deck Cargo:
Main Engines:
Maximum Speed:
16.00 metres
12.00 tonnes
Scania DI16 072M
23 knots
MultiFast 14 Render 2 (Issue A).jpg
MultiFast 14
Hull Length:
Deck Cargo:
Main Engines:
Maximum Speed:
14.00 metres
7.50 tonnes
Scania DI13 077M
23 knots
MultiFast 13 Render 4 (Issue A).jpg
MultiFast 13
Hull Length:
Deck Cargo:
Main Engines:
Maximum Speed:
13.00 metres
5.00 tonnes
Scania DI13 077M
25 knots

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